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#1 Some Home Water isn’t Safe Unless You Have A Private Underground Water Supply.


Otherwise, You Are Relying On The Communal Feed Water.

As opposed to the old times, this communal feed water has become full of chemicals and toxic materials.

There have also been a few cases where thousands of people were affected due to the chemical components in a communal water supply.

The mere fact that you can’t completely trust the feed water you get should be a reason to use a water filter.


#2 Water Scams are Real In Your State Or Particular Region That May Boast About Brand-New Filtering Methods.


There is no 100% confirmed way to know whether their methods on how to filter water are effective. Considering this, it’s always better to implement an additional way of filtering – at least for your drinking water purposes. Needless to say, it can cost your life.


#3 You Can Filter Out Chlorine Chlorination.


By filtering your drinking water, you can eliminate the presence of chlorine. You can quickly get one of the best water filters and enable chlorine filtering. There are two advantages: one, the water tastes better; two, chlorine would not enter the body, which is great! You can use chlorinated water for bathing and washing, though.


#4 Clean Drinking Water is a Necessity. 


Even if we put the additional reasons aside, humans must consume clean water regularly.

For our ongoing management and maintenance, we must have a regular source of healthy water to drink and clean water to use.


#5 Stay AWAY from Cancer.


Cancer is undoubtedly one of the diseases people try their best to avoid. Did you know some toxic components in normal feed water can cause cancer? There have been studies and water scandals to prove it. Trust us, installing water filters for your drinking needs is a great way to avoid the non-genetic risk of cancer.

Jila Water – Pure Water for you and your family

It’s unbelievable that some people still consider using a water filter as optional. Water is the one thing that humans cannot live without, but it is still polluted at an extreme scale. 

The truth is many people need access to clean drinking water. Water pollution happens in every single place, affecting a huge population sector. And, if you are asking why filter water, you may not have the right idea about this incomparable resource. That is why we will be covering 20 reasons why you need to filter your drinking water.


#6 It Removes Lead. 

Lead may be useful for other purposes, but it’s harmful to the human body. Thankfully, water filters today can remove lead at the maximum level. Of course, the presence of lead in the drinking water might not have instant symptoms. It can, however, destroy your health in the long run.

Removing lead from drinking water is more important if you have growing kids at your home.

Think you can always purchase bottled mineral water?

Well, it may not sound like something big at first, but you would be spending a huge amount by the end of the year. And not only that, purchasing bottled mineral water can aggravate our plastic pollution problem.

#7 You Get the Benefits of Detoxification.

Detoxification is the process by which you remove dangerous elements from the tap water. As you know, the kidneys are supposed to keep the dangerous stuff away from your body. However, the continuous filtering process may alter the efficiency of the organ. When you start drinking filtered water, however, the process is easier, and your body can have a longer life.

#8 You Can Prevent Congenital Disabilities 

You must filter your drinking water if you are pregnant or have a pregnant woman at home. In case you didn’t know, contaminants in the water can cause congenital disabilities in the child, depending on the level of toxicity. Spina bifida is one of the many congenital disabilities that are caused by elements in the water. By placing a simple water filtering system, you can prevent this from happening, and it’s the best thing you can do for your child.

#9 Healthy Babies 

Once again, children need the purest water at home. No matter how quality-rich the formula is, everything would be a waste if the water you mix contains some toxic elements in it. Similarly, even breastfeeding mothers should stay away from contaminated water, as the elements may also get into the child’s body. 

In addition, pure water consumption would also enhance your overall immune system in no time. It’s also because no toxic materials are going into the body. 

If your children are accustomed to pure water from childhood, they will not have to worry about those flu infections as much as other kids.

#10 Better Digestion 

You have to drink a lot of water for smooth digestion processing, you know. In the case of filtered water, however, you don’t have to worry about this issue. According to some studies from various researches, a few cups of warm water in the morning can help you in many ways.


Clean Drinking Water is a Necessity for everyone in the family. For babies kids teenagers parents



#11 Filtering Water Is Easy. 

Unlike in the old days, you don’t have to rebuild your sink when you want to implement a water filter system. There are several options to get the best way to filter water. They can be easily installed without even the help of a plumber per se.

#12 Water Filtering And Having A Water Filtration System Is Affordable. 

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to purchase a water filtering system. By spending a few hundred dollars, you can get these things ready. Of course, you can always spend a bit more if you look for features like ultraviolet cleaning and techniques like Reverse Osmosis. On the other hand, if you just want to get rid of the major elements in the water and make it taste good, you can get the job done for a few hundred bucks.

#13 Food Tastes Better 

If you are into cooking, you cannot compromise water quality. The last thing you want after a tiring day is a cup of coffee with some odour or sour flavour. So, if you cook in the kitchen, you must filter water regularly, so everything tastes the best. That is why having a whole house water filter is important.

#14 It Protects Your Kitchen Products 

There aren’t many kitchen products that are not washed with water, right? The case is a bit worse regarding your kitchen faucet. The kitchen faucet is where the mineral depositions would happen so frequently.

#15 Filtering Can Make Your Water Tastier 

One problem with traditional feedwater filtering is that it may cause a loss of taste. Our devices have a feature named Remineralization, where certain elements are added to your water to preserve the taste. It’s a great feature if you drink a lot of water every day – you should, scientifically speaking. 

To sum it up, there are many reasons you need to filter your drinking water. As we said, there isn’t much trouble using tap water for other needs like bathing or washing the plates, but getting a water filter for your whole home is greatly beneficial to clean the water that we drink.