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Have you ever wondered why having a Complete Home Water Filtration System is so important for our families? Well, let me tell you! You see, the water that comes into our homes might have things like chlorine, Chlormine, and heavy metals in it that we can’t see. But with a Complete Home Water Filtration System, all those yucky things get removed, making our water safe to drink and keeping us healthy. Plus, it makes the water taste way better too!

But it’s not just about us. A home water filtration system also helps protect our home appliances, like the washing machine and dishwasher. You know that hard water that can leave stains and make our appliances not work so well? The Complete Home Water Filtration System takes care of that by making the water softer, which keeps our appliances running smoothly and saves money on repairs.
You can request that we give you a free onsite water assessment to show you just how much stuff is floating in your Brisbane drinking water.

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Jila Water Complete Home Water Filtration System

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Common Complete Home Water Filtration Questions

We think every home should have fresh filtered and clean water. 

If you choose to have a Jila Water Total Home
Filtration Solution you’ll be able to have water that’s free of Chlorine, heavy metals and trace elements commonly found in local water. 

Plus the benefits of amazing tasting water, that’s great for your skin and keeps your home cleaner by removing the hardness from the water. 

The gauges are fitted to a Jila Water Complete Whole Home Water Filtration system to see what the water pressure is. This will change depending on your homes location and current water pressure. 

It also helps set up the system and check throughout the life of the filters how they are holding up. 

You can jump onto and pick a date and time where one of our water techs will came and change your filters. 

We will then call to confirm your details and check we bring the right filters to your home. 

A standard set of 3 replacement filters, an onsite service and clean costs just $279.* 

If you have a different system or it’s from a different company we can still come and change your filters but it’s best to call our office on 1300 30 10 37 to get a price. 

Comes with a 3 year warranty as standard but can be extend to 10 years should you want added peace of mind

If it’s one of Jila Water’s Complete Whole Home Water Filtration systems don’t worry. We track all the systems we install and we will call to arrange a filter change every 12 months. 

If you don’t notice an instant change in the taste and quality of your home’s water after we have installed your system we will remove it free of charge and refund 100% of your money.  

Now of course this means you need to tell us straight away that you don’t love the taste of fresh filtered and clean water after we install your new total home filtration system within 7 days. 

To date, we have never had a client’s system removed. 

So with so many happy Jila Water clients what’s holding you back from having one fitted to your family home? 




Jila Water’s all-in-one Whole House Water Filtration System is designed for Queensland & Brisbane Homes. We designed it to look after the unique water needs of all Queensland households.

Our industry-leading complete home filtration system – The Jila Water Whole Home Water Filtration System (JW-9000), is a perfectly designed system to solve the Chlorine rich and hard water problems many Queensland households are dealing with today. 

A whole home water filtration system is designed to be fitted directly into the main water supply of your home. Once installed, you’ll be able to have fresh, contamination-free water flowing from every tap in your home. Save money by buying less bottled water.

Our whole-house water filtration solutions can be tailored to your own unique needs. We install several different filter elements depending on your requirements, with filters down at the .35 micron level, which uses our industry-leading filter technology. We are also one of the only companies that can offer a Fluoride Removing Option as part of our whole-home water filtration solution. No matter what your home water filtration needs, the team here at Jila Water can design a cost-effective and tailored solution for you and your family. 

So if you need to remove the chlorine or soften your home’s water, we will have a solution for you. So why not call the office to find out more on 1300 30 10 37.

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