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So I hear you ask why you have dry hair and why you have dry skin The main issue is that the local Brisbane water supply adds a truckload of chlorine to our drinking water. And it’s the chlorine in the water that’s causing the issues with your hair, skin, and nails.

Firstly your skin contains something called sebaceous glands, which are found all over the skin, but also on it. Follicles and some follicles even have more than one gland. These glands secrete an oily substance known as sebum. And the purpose of that substance is to make our skin and hair resilient to water. It also keeps our hair moist and can distribute antioxidants as well.

It’s also fun to say, sebum and sebum are mostly triglycerides, but it also contains some fatty acids. And you probably know that chlorine is a chemical element, but there are different types of chlorine that can go into your drinking water and what they add to the swimming pool.

Water treatment companies and people use it because it helps keep the water clean by preventing bacteria and algae from thriving. The most common type is liquid chlorine.

You’re probably thinking, come on. I know what chlorine is. My local water at home smells like chlorine, but interestingly, your water doesn’t smell like chlorine. Instead, it smells like chloramine, which forms when chlorine reacts with organic substances and other elements found in your drinking water supply.

And actually, the water smell is typically an indication that the water could use more chlorine if you’re the waterworks company. Which to us, is crazy and why we recommend our water testing service and then treating your water at home by fitting a whole house water filtration system. Which will help answer why you have dry hair and why you have dry skin once you see whats in your homes water.

A simple fix to dry, and damaged hair.

But anyway, when chlorine comes into contact with the hair and skin, they chemically bond. So, in other words, what happens when you wash your hair with chlorinated water? Is that the chlorine bonds your hair, and it breaks down that sebum? As you can imagine, since sebum keeps hair moisturized, it dries it out your hair..

It even cracks the cuticle of your hair over time. If you are consistently washing your hair in chlorinated water, your hair might dry, fizz or even break. So answering your question again why you have dry hair and why you have dry skin.

Sometimes you hear people talking about chlorine, turning hair green, but that isn’t technically the chlorine thats’ at fault.

Also, it happens when chlorine comes into contact with metal. Like your home’s copper pipe, then the chlorine that bonds with hair brings some metal along with it. And that can temporarily turn light-colored hair green. An excellent way to protect your hair every time you shower is the filter the water and remove the chlorine before it even enters your home.

Contact us today to see what options we have to help protect your hair and health by fitting a whole house water filtration system to your home.

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If you suffer from dry skin, hair, or nails and would like us to come and test your water please get in contact with us here at Jila Water.

We are all too happy to come and help give you some advice and answers.