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Can Your Dental Health Be Affected by the Type of Water You Use?

Oral health is a complex thing. You need a strict dental care routine to ensure your teeth and gums stay strong. You need to eat the right food because what you eat can also impact your oral health. But did you know that it’s not just sugary drinks like soda or juice that could be harmful to your teeth? Yes, even the type of water that you drink matters because for all you know, it’s the unnoticed culprit behind the problem you’re having with your dental health. 


If you want to know more about how different types of water affect your oral health, then you’re in the right place as Jila Water, your provider of the best home water filter systems, share all the basic information on the topic that you should know:


Different Types of Water and How They Affect Your Teeth


Tap Water


You’d be surprised to learn that dentists do recommend drinking tap water due to the essential minerals like calcium and magnesium that come with it. Additionally, the authorities for local water supply in a lot of cities add some vitamins and minerals to their tap water to boost the health benefits of drinking straight from the tap. 


The biggest benefit that comes from drinking tap water is that you get fluoride from it. It may be a controversial topic but fluoride has always been associated with cavity prevention. The problem is that tap water in some cities may also come with impurities so it’s absolutely necessary to run the water through a purifier first before drinking it. Even if there’s fluoride and other minerals in tap water and it might be good for your dental health, unfiltered tap water can still do more harm to your health than good. 

Different Types of Water and How They Affect Your Teeth

Filtered Water


As mentioned above, tap water in many areas still contains contaminants and chemicals which can be harmful to your health. It is for this reason many homeowners choose to use a reliable filter system to remove these impurities from tap water on their own and make it suitable and safe for drinking. 


The problem is that there are filter systems that get rid of all the impurities and all the minerals like fluoride, too. So you should be careful in choosing the filter you use and opt for the ones that are designed to filter only traces of fluoride while still doing a thorough job of removing harmful contaminants. 


Bottled Water


Despite the constant advisories to avoid bottled water, a lot of Aussies still prefer bottled water because of the convenience it offers. While this type of water is not particularly bad for your oral health, the fact is you will be missing out on the health benefits that come from fluoridated water coming from your tap. 

Different Types of Water and How They Affect Your Teeth

Distilled Water

Considered to be the purest type of drinking water, distilled water doesn’t contain any contaminant or mineral. While it’s not harmful to your body or your dental health, the distillation process also removes all the essential minerals including fluoride so if you are concerned about the health of your teeth, this might not be the right choice for you as it does nothing to protect your teeth. 


As you can see, the dental health benefits you get from your drinking water depend on what type it is – tap, filtered, bottled, or distilled. Because the one with the most beneficial minerals for the teeth (tap water) also happens to be the one that poses danger to your overall health. If you have the best home water filter system, your best bet is filtered water because you can be sure of the safety of the water you drink while still keeping some of the fluorides from tap water that you need for your teeth. 

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