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3 Benefits Whole House Water Filter Systems Provide

A whole house filter system essentially filters all the water that will be coming into your house. It doesn’t matter whether it’s water you’ll be drinking or water for the toilet. Whatever purpose the water will be used for, the whole house filtration system will remove any debris or contaminants before they can get to you.

However, some homeowners may still be hesitant to get whole house water filter systems for their homes. The main concern seems to be the potential to reduce the water pressure. However, any significant reduction can be avoided through proper installation. Plus, you will find that the benefits certainly outweigh the cons.

Environmentally Friendly Whole house water filtration

Environmentally Friendly

One of the primary benefits of a whole house water filtration system is its environmental impact. With filtered water running in your home, you can significantly reduce your personal plastic usage. This is because you will no longer need to purchase water bottles. This may not seem that much, but through time the number of water bottles you purchase will add up. And without realizing it, you’ve disposed of many plastic bottles to get clean drinking water. However, with this simple switch to filtered water, you can do your part in saving the environment.


Whole house water filter systems can also lead to monetary savings. You see, these systems can slow down the wear and tear your plumbing system experiences. This means less damage and, more importantly, fewer repair expenses. Your whole house water filter system can also lengthen the life of some of your appliances that are attached to the plumbing system. And as mentioned above, a whole house water filter also means fewer water bottles to spend on.


With a whole house water filter, you’ll no longer need to worry about drinking contaminated water. Since the filter system makes sure to remove any contaminants, you’ll have easy access to safe drinking water.

But aside from the water you drink, you also have to consider the water you use to bathe or shower in. People think that it’s okay to shower or bathe in any type of water as long as it looks clean. However, that is not always the case.

You see, your skin will still be affected by the water you use to wash your body with. And if this water contains harmful contaminants, your skin will be absorbing it. For example, if the water has even small traces of chlorine, it could lead to dry and irritated skin. So the water from your whole house water filtration system can actually be healthier for your skin and body.

Healthier skin and hair with whole home water filtration

In Summary

Whole house water filter systems can provide many benefits for your home. Primarily, it ensures whatever water is coming into your home is free from contaminants and debris. This means you not only get safe drinking water but also water that is safe for your skin during bath time. Whole house filtration systems can also be more environmentally friendly and provide you with greater monetary savings. It can prolong the life of some of your appliances and slow down the wear and tear of your plumbing system.

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