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5 Creative Mixes to Spice up (Or Sweeten) Your Filtered Water

The habit of drinking water is crucial to good health. It is simple yet effective in keeping you hydrated and refreshed. This is especially true for filtered water, being pure and free from any harmful pathogens that might taint your water.

However, water isn’t exactly the most exciting drink in the world. It may be tempting to grab a carbonated drink instead. To make up for its taste (or lack thereof), here are a few healthy and natural mixes you can try with your filtered water.

Strawberry and Cucumber Infusion

A simple and easy way to sweeten your drink is to add strawberry and cucumber slices to it. Paired with cold, filtered water, this will surely be your go-to drink during warmer months.

For this recipe, all you need are two large strawberries and cucumber. Dice or slice these up to your preferences, and add to your drink. For bigger servings, you can up the amount of fruit and mix everything in a pitcher. Keep it in your fridge to keep it cool.

Iced Tea

Tea is another healthy drink you can enjoy to calm your nerves and clear your mind. For hotter months, you can give your own spin to it by brewing cold, iced tea with fruit infusions. This will be perfect for keeping you zen during the summer.

To mix, ratio a tea bag for every 100 ml of filtered water. Let it cool and then add a fruit of your choice before refrigerating the mixture for about 12-24 hours. You can add any sweeteners you would normally add to your cup of tea and then enjoy a sip on a warm patio.

Citrus Mix and Mint Infusion

Add zest to your life with this citrus and mint mixture. This is the perfect drink to keep you alert and fully awake in the morning. Not only that, but it contains natural antioxidants and vitamins to keep you healthy as well.

To create, you’ll need slices of lemon and oranges. To garnish, add some mint leaves to your filtered water mix. For a bit more spice, you can even add some ginger to the tangy drink.

Cucumber and Mint Infusion

Nothing says rest and relaxation like the sweet mix of cucumber and mint. Make your water more refreshing by adding slices of cucumber to your filtered water. Then, cut up a bunch of mint leaves to top it off.

This drink is best enjoyed in warm weather, but it will still be refreshing during the colder months. The best part? Cucumber and mint should be available all year round! So you can enjoy this refreshing drink whenever you feel like drinking it.

Lime Infusion

Much like the citrus mix, this lemon and lime infusion will surely give your water the flavour explosion that it needs. This drink is also great to help with your digestion after a heavy meal.

To mix, simply cut slices of lemon and lime onto a pitcher with cold, filtered water. Leave it in the fridge for a long time to let the flavour really seep into the water. The longer you keep it in, the more prominent the citrus taste.


There are many ways to enjoy filtered water without looking for more unhealthy, carbonated alternatives. Not only do these fruit-infused drinks taste delicious and refreshing, but they are also completely natural and healthy.

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