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The Importance of Water in Maintaining a Healthy Gut

The Importance of Water in Maintaining a Healthy Gut

The Importance of Water in Maintaining a Healthy Gut
A healthy gut starts with good water, so lets look at complete home water filtration solutions

The Importance of Water in Maintaining a Healthy Gut

Water is a crucial part of our health. Aside from keeping us alive, water contributes to the well-being of our digestive system. Keep on reading to learn more about how water affects your gut.

How Does Water Aid With Digestion?

You might not know just how vital water is for digestion. It helps to break up the food in your stomach and for the food to transport more quickly through your intestines.

When your body is dehydrated, the digestive process can become sluggish. To meet your daily water intake requirements (around 8 cups a day), drink water throughout the day.

Water also helps you get rid of waste. Unlike food, the water you drink does not become waste. Therefore, it will help move things along your digestive tract and prevent blockages.

After a meal, your body absorbs some nutrients from food and converts them into energy. The remaining waste is then stored in the digestive tract.

The kidneys are responsible for removing waste from the body. A significant part of their job is to help filter urine and excrete it into the bladder. Water keeps the kidneys healthy and functioning correctly.

Water and the role it plays in Digestion
How Does Water Help With a Healthy Bowel?

How Does Water Help With a Healthy Bowel?

Water keeps the bowels hydrated and helps prevent constipation and other digestive disorders. The colon is an integral part of the digestive tract—it is the part of the large intestine responsible for getting rid of waste. Water helps dilute the waste and make it move through the large intestine. When waste doesn’t move through the large intestine, it can cause problems.

Without enough water, waste will sit in the colon. This can lead to constipation. In addition to causing bowel movements to become difficult and painful, they can also cause other health problems.

For example, water helps ease the pain from hemorrhoids. It also relieves the pain of anal fissures, an open sore on the skin around the anus.

What Are the Other Benefits of Water?

Now that we know the role of water in maintaining a healthy gut, it is also essential to recognise the other benefits of water. Water has many benefits, and we literally can’t live without it. The most important benefits are:

1. It Helps Your Immune System

You might not know it, but our bodies are leaking water. Even if you are careful about drinking water, you might be losing water through your skin and breathing.

This is not a big problem as our bodies have the physiology of retaining water most of the time. However, when we do not get enough water, the body will not be able to retain enough water, which can affect our immune system. This means that we will end up feeling more tired and stressed, which, in the end, can make us more susceptible to illnesses.

2. It Keeps You Feeling Full For Longer

If you are looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, water can help you be satisfied with smaller portions of food. This is because water fills up your stomach. When you drink water before a meal, you will feel fuller quicker, helping you consume fewer calories.

3. It Helps You Feel Younger

Your skin and body are made up of water. Therefore, when your body lacks water, it can hurt your skin. You will end up with dried and wrinkled skin. Meanwhile, water provides a bright glow.

Better water from a co0mplete home filtration system Keeps You Feeling Full For Longer
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As you can see, water is extremely important for your body. It helps with digestion, bowel movement and more. Even if you are eating properly and getting enough water in your diet, it is important to ensure you are getting enough of it. If you are struggling to stay hydrated, you can drink more water throughout the day with the help of a water tracker. You can also add a few ice cubes to a glass of water. This can help you feel more refreshed.

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