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The Importance of Water in Maintaining a Healthy Gut

The Importance of Water in Maintaining a Healthy Gut

Water is a crucial part of our health. Aside from keeping us alive, water contributes to the well-being of our digestive system. Keep on reading to learn more about how water affects your gut. How Does Water Aid With Digestion? You might not know just how vital water is for digestion. It helps to break […]

The Importance of Water Testing & Identifying Contaminants in your Brisbane Drinking Water

The Importance of Water Testing & Identifying Contaminants!

The Importance of Water Testing & Identifying Contaminants There is a growing list of things we cannot take for granted. One of the most important ones is clean water. After all, we cannot survive without water, but we have a limited resource. If we are not careful, water may be contaminated, and you can risk […]

Total Home Filtration Options You Have with Jila Water in Your Brisbane Home

An Easy Guide to Choosing a Water Filter For Your Home

Choosing a water filter for drinking and cooking at home can be tricky since there are so many types of the finest water filters available, each with a different level of filtration and, of course, cost. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the alternatives available, but we hope that our guide will make […]

Fluoride in drinking water, what it is, why is it there & is it good or bad

Should You Be Concerned About Fluoride In Tap Water

Of all the questions you commonly hear about tap water, the most common is probably this: Should fluoride be removed from tap water, or should it remain in it? After all, we’re told that all sorts of chemicals, metals, and more exist in the world that can hurt us. One of these things is fluoride, […]

The Brain and Water: Why Water Is Needed for a Healthy Brain

The Brain and Water? Why Water Is Needed for a Healthy Brain?

  Did you know that 85% of your brain is water? This fact alone tells us a good deal about why water is essential for the brain, and it may seem strange that the brain needs water, given that your body needs it to keep from dehydrating. But your brain is also getting a good […]

Brisbane Home Owners Water Filtration Needs

Cost-Effective Home Upgrades to Increase a Property’s Value

Remodelling and renovation can bring a new, refreshing energy to your home. Done correctly, these changes can even increase your property’s value to new heights. Unfortunately, not all home improvement projects can have a positive impact on your property. Cost-effective Home Upgrades to Increase Your Property’s Value Aspiring real estate investors should equip themselves with […]