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6 Signs That You Need a Water Treatment System at Home

6 Signs That You Need a Water Treatment System at Home

Although water treatment systems aren’t considered standard household appliances, they can help solve many problems in your home, especially if it concerns tap water quality. Here we’re going to explore how some of the signs that your home needs a water treatment system to improve your water quality and, consequently, your daily life.

         1. You smell a foul odour coming from your tap water.

Most of the time, smelly water is the result of organic matter (such as algae, decaying plants, and decaying animals) which gets into the water. If your water smells bad, it’s a sign that it could be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can cause diseases.

It’s also possible that the smell is caused by the chlorine and minerals that come with your water source. They may be harmless, but the odours can be not so pleasant. A water treatment system is said to remove most of the odours from your water, from chlorine and minerals to musty water and oil contamination.

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You smell a foul odour coming from your tap water

         2. Your water tastes terrible.

Although your nose may be able to detect the odour, your tongue can reveal water taste issues even more quickly. Water that has a bad taste is usually caused by “off” tastes and odours, which are usually associated with a high level of sulphur.

Aside from tasting bad, if your water is high in sulphate, it has a higher chance of causing kidney stones, high blood pressure, and even heart disease.


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         3. Your water heater has rust stains.

Rust stains on your water heater could mean that your water is too acidic. More often than not, the markings will appear as reddish rust stains. This happens when you have high levels of iron and other organic contaminants in the water. As a result, the rusts in the water react with the metal parts of your water heater, which can cause stains.

         4. You find stains on your dishes, clothes and surfaces.

As mentioned earlier, water that’s high in sulphur can leave brownish-yellow stains on surfaces and utensils. The stains are caused by the presence of sulphides in the water.

The stains may look terrible, but fortunately, they are not harmful to your health. An ion-exchange water treatment system can provide you with clean and clear water without the need to use other products such as soaps and detergents.

dirty rust stained clothes

         5. You’re getting water from different sources.

If you receive water from different sources, you need to make sure that the water is safe and clean. You wouldn’t want one source polluting the other, right? Water treatment systems are also a good idea if you use lake or natural spring water and you want to avoid contaminating your drinking water with these sources.

         6. You have different water quality readings.

Water quality can change at any time, depending on how heavily used the water system is. It’s important to note that the indicators (such as pH, corrosion, total dissolved solids, etc.) can vary depending on the source of your water and the distance from the water supply to your home.

It’s not unusual to have different water quality readings, especially if you have different water sources. However, if you want to ensure that the readings are accurate and not just a fluke, a water treatment system is necessary.


Now that you know about the warning signs, it’s time that you implemented a water treatment system to improve your water quality. With a water treatment system, you can have better control over the quality of your drinking water and even improve the condition of your appliances.

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