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Why whole home water filtration systems are a growing trend & Why more Brisbane homeowners switching to whole-house water filtration

As new trends emerge in health, wellness, and even fashion, the ‘best’ water treatment methods and practices can also shift to align with emerging science and preferences.

As more councils struggle to keep pace with water demands for their communities, more and more people are looking for independent solutions to make sure they’re getting high-quality drinking water that’s safe and tastes great.

Water Treatment Basics The term water treatment can encompass a variety of methods for removing undesirable components from water.

Whether it’s iron or other more concerning metal contaminants like lead, water treatment can relate to removing those contaminants.

Water Treatment Trends Trends in water treatment often vary regionally, and for good reason.

As a result, whole home water filtration and softening systems form the basis of water treatment trends for Brisbane and southeast Queensland home owners. 

In communities where council water is heavily treated with chemicals like chlorine, water treatment trends may shift toward drinking water solutions like reverse osmosis filtration or other point-of-use water treatment methods that can effectively remove those kinds of aesthetic water problems.

Brine-restricted areas face different issues with water treatment, as water softeners are often heavily regulated or not allowed at all in these locales.

Demand is also increasing for ultraviolet water disinfection as a water treatment solution as concerns about the Coronavirus has topped our collective minds.

Effective at removing viruses and bacteria from water, UV water treatment provides a great alternative for people who want to stay away from treatment chemicals like chlorine and salt.

So while it’s clear that certain types of water treatment pique collective interest from time to time, and vary by region, the timelessness of high-quality, great-tasting water remains constant.

Whether you have hard water that’s causing headaches all around your home, odors or tastes from your water that make it unappealing to drink, or any combination in between, your local Jila Water Man can help you find the right solution.

So click on or give us a call on 1300 30 10 37 to see how we can give you and your family great tasting fresh water for your whole home by fitting a complete home filtration system. Give you a total home filtration solution for every tap in your Brisbane home. 

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