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Why Does My Tap Water Taste Like Dirt, Metal, Chlorine?

Let’s take a look at some (mostly) well-known facts. 

The taste of tap water is geographically specific. This can be due to the source of water in your Brisbane or Ipswich home, its distribution system, construction of pipes, fixtures in your home, weather/climate, surrounding businesses/industries, and the natural topography of the area of your home.

Whereas most well water is groundwater below the surface, governments can take their water from many sources, including rivers and lakes. The long journey from these sources – through a treatment plant, underground through pipes, into your home, and through your tap – provides a lot of room for variables. Anything the water contacts could affect its perceived taste or smell.

My Water Tastes Like Dirt

The human palate is sensitive to geosmin and can detect it even at minimal concentrations.

Not sure your water has geosmin? It’s when water tastes like dirt. It is a musty, earthy smell and taste in drinking water. Water on the acidic side can neutralise the production of what causes water tasting like dirt. However, more acidic water is typically associated with other common household water issues.

My Water Tastes Metallic

Zinc, iron, manganese, or copper can leach into your water supply and give your home metal tasting water. This can happen if your water has a low pH (acidic composition), a common reason metal dissolves into your water supply. While iron and manganese occur naturally in water sources, particularly in groundwater in good areas, zinc can be a product of mineral erosion or corrosion of galvanised plumbing. Some dissolved solids (TDS) can make tap water taste bitter or metallic, but few are harmful to your health at typical concentrations.

Get rid of the metallic taste in water with a  Jila Water complete home filtration system and Reverse Osmosis Whole House Filters. Our systems can remove 99.999% of impurities from your water supply.

My Water Tastes Chlorinated

Your home water can taste like the Springfield public swimming pool! Chlorine is used in the council water treatment process mainly because it is the cheapest and most effective option. Most chlorine concentrations in tap water are not harmful to humans, but the taste and smell can be a turnoff.

Increased bacterial contamination can lead to a spike in chlorine taste and smell in government. However, no documented human health water crises are attributed to this practice.

If you don’t like water that tastes chlorinated in your home, we’ve got some solutions for you!

My Water Tastes Salty

A common misconception is that a water softener causes tap water to taste salty. This is not the norm with a Jila Water Water Softener. If you own any brand of water softener and feel it is malfunctioning, call Jila Water for expert service.

Salty water from a softener is typically a regeneration cycle issue, whether with the control head or a plugged drain line that cannot properly flush the resin tank at the end of the cycle.

My Water Tastes Rubbery, Soapy, or Like Plastic

The bad news might be that your water tastes plastic, rubbery, or soapy (TCP/disinfectant). The good news is that it’s unlikely to cause health issues so long as they are corrected quickly. The source must be treated in your home’s plumbing arrangement and appliances.

But why does this occur? Deterioration of flexible hoses may also give your tap water this taste. Adding a flex valve available at most hardware outlets to your pipes/appliances solves this issue.

Detecting Water Issues

IMPORTANT: Take action if you detect sudden changes. This is one indicator of malfunction with your home water supply – or even your own body – is a sudden change of taste or smell.

Be on the alert; your health is at stake. If each faucet tastes similar, ask your neighbour if they notice any changes in their tap water.

Sometimes, your perceived water taste may be a symptom of something else. In rare instances, a sudden change in taste can be a harbinger of a deeper health issue with how your brain receives information from your senses. Contact your physician if you feel a shift in taste is a symptom of health problems.

However, water tasting like dirt, metallic, or chlorinated does not always mean your tap water is contaminated. Still, aesthetic issues are, at best, an annoyance as they are a common occurrence varying by geographical area and council water systems contingent on several factors.

If your home needs someone to come and check its water, click the link below and let Jila Water come check.

Are you thinking of filtering your water at home? Then why not use one of Australia’s best whole house water filter systems? Our Jila Water filter system removes chlorine and other chemical tastes, odours plus dirt, and sediments making water cleaner, clearer, and safer for your whole house. Request a free water test today.

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