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Filter vs Tap Is Drinking Filtered Water Safe for Children

A regular person cannot live for longer than five days without water. A person cannot maintain body temperature without water, which may result in dehydration. While it may be manageable for adults, children can be prone to more severe consequences.

Although tap water is safe for children, filtered tap water is much preferable. Part of it is due to the water source’s location. For this reason, where it’s found has a significant impact on the quality of accessible drinking water.

What’s the Danger with Tap Water?

You have to be cautious about your water intake since there is a recent discovery that showed tap water contains microplastics. As such, drinking from tap water directly is not recommended for babies less than six months.

Depending on the environment, many procedures and treatments may be employed to treat water. For example, boiling minimises the likelihood of sickness caused by contaminated water.

For this reason, it’s necessary to bring the water to a boil when making milk formula. This procedure simply eliminates bacteria from the water. However, boiling doesn’t remove other pollutants in the water. This is why installing water filters is an excellent way to remove impurities, including chemicals, germs, radioactive particles, etc.


Why Does Water Need Filtering?

UV Light Treatment, Reverse Osmosis Filtration, and Filtration Process are standard procedures used in in-house filtration systems. Sedimentation, disinfection, flocculation, and other filtering procedures are used to cleanse water.

Water purification using filters may eliminate pollutants and impurities that might be dangerous to children. It also alters the flavour of water, which might be unpleasant due to chemicals or organic materials. Various filter systems, such as iron water filters or reverse osmosis systems, may be installed in-house to purify tap water further.

Don’t take any risks with your kids’ health! They have the potential to be more susceptible than adults. Provide them with safe, filtered drinking water to reduce the chance of infection. However, make sure you obey the requirements and keep the water filtration system in working order.

Why Should Every Family Use Only Filtered Water?

Children should consume a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, low-fat meals, and regular exercise to ensure their health. To maintain good health, children must have access to safe drinking water that doesn’t contain any toxins that might hurt them. It’s hard to think of anything more essential than protecting the health of our children and grandchildren.

Filtered drinking water has several benefits for your family. This includes the following:

Removal of Lead Content through Filtration

When taken in large amounts, lead has been shown to have harmful effects on human health. Thankfully, a filtration system gives an additional degree of protection to guarantee the removal of dangerous lead particles from the public water supply.

Big Improvement in Taste

An effective water filtration system removes many toxins in your water that treatment facilities may have overlooked. Those who like water that tastes cleaner and purer are more likely to drink it. They will prefer drinking water instead of sugary soda if your kids like its taste.

Chlorine is also removed from drinking water using water filters. Chlorine is the most common cause of a bad taste in municipal water. The water tastes better, and the kids are more willing to drink it once it has been treated to eliminate the chlorine.

Children’s Safety and Wellbeing Is Safeguarded

Babies and young children are susceptible to the infections and disorders that waterborne contaminants may transmit. With a proper water filter, most harmful toxins are eliminated, ensuring the safety of your family’s youngsters.



A high-quality water filtration system has probably been independently tested for your tap water. It would reduce danger and improve long-term health. Because removing all risk is impossible, safety is about reducing risk to a tolerable level. With a water filtration system, you get to invest in a simple and cost-effective way to improve your water and your family’s health.


You can always discover a filtration system that is simple to set up in your house. However, if you are unsure how to accomplish this, you can always locate specialists to assist you in ensuring that you have better water at home.


Jila Water is one of the home water filter industry leaders. We can help you install the best water filtration system in QLD, so you can have a sense of peace that you and your family are safe from water contamination. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can organize a free home water testing. 

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