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The Brain and Water: Why Water Is Needed for a Healthy Brain

The Brain and Water? Why Water Is Needed for a Healthy Brain?

  Did you know that 85% of your brain is water? This fact alone tells us a good deal about why water is essential for the brain, and it may seem strange that the brain needs water, given that your body needs it to keep from dehydrating. But your brain is also getting a good […]

Brisbane Home Owners Water Filtration Needs

Cost-Effective Home Upgrades to Increase a Property’s Value

Remodelling and renovation can bring a new, refreshing energy to your home. Done correctly, these changes can even increase your property’s value to new heights. Unfortunately, not all home improvement projects can have a positive impact on your property. Cost-effective Home Upgrades to Increase Your Property’s Value Aspiring real estate investors should equip themselves with […]

6 Signs That You Need a Water Treatment System at Home

6 Signs That You Need a Water Treatment System at Home Although water treatment systems aren’t considered standard household appliances, they can help solve many problems in your home, especially if it concerns tap water quality. Here we’re going to explore how some of the signs that your home needs a water treatment system to […]

Whole House Water Filter. Everything You Need to Know

Whole house taps are the best option for people who want cleaner water throughout their home. When you get a whole house water filter, you’re able to access cleaner water that you can use in your day-to-day activities, from making coffee to taking a shower. Choosing the right water filter for your home is not […]

Happy Brisbane Family enjoying fresh filtered water using a Jila Water Whole Home Water Filter System

7 Benefits of Making the Switch to Filtered Water Today

Share: Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on pinterest Pinterest Share on linkedin LinkedIn While drinking tap water might be relatively safe, it is best to filter your tap water to ensure you’re getting the cleanest and purest H2O. Filtered water not only tastes better but can improve your health. Here, we’ll […]