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4 Myths about Drinking Water to Stop Believing in

4 Myths about Drinking Water to Stop Believing in

4 Myths about Drinking Water to Stop Believing in

4 Myths about Drinking Water to Stop Believing in

4 Myths about Drinking Water to Stop Believing in

Water is necessary to our daily lives, especially since the human body is 70% water. While a person may last a month or more without food, a week without water can be deadly.
Water is more than just molecules of two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen or H2O. Because virtually all water includes minerals, pollutants, toxins, and microbes, the phrase “pure water” is a relative term. These chemicals may be present at microscopic levels, and they do not always have severe health consequences.
Let’s take a look at some common drinking myths—and why people should stop believing in them:

Myth #1: Drink Eight Glasses of Water Every Day

The eight glass of water statistic is maybe the most widespread misunderstanding. You may have heard as a child that you should drink eight glasses heights of water every day. Until recently, you could have read on health sites that it was still the best practice.
In reality, the number eight cups is arbitrary. In addition, we all have various weights, heights, and physical characteristics. We don’t require precisely eight glasses of water. Aside from our physical disparities, we also have different interests and ages. The amount of water we need each day will also vary.
It does not provide an excuse for skipping that glass of water. When choosing between a glass of filtered water and a cup of coffee, go for the water. Drink filtered water as a better option to make sure you’re drinking water is safe.

Myth #2: Bottled Water Is Your Safest Option

It’s safe to drink bottled water since it’s sealed and filtered by sophisticated procedures. It is also the most convenient, especially when we’re driving or away from home. However, there are certain risks in drinking from plastic bottles. Some contaminants may leak into your water supply, and the sealants or the plastic bottle itself might contain chemicals.
Buying bottled water exposes you to additional enticing drinks (sugary or alcoholic). These beverages are displayed openly. So, instead of water, you could grab sugary drinks, and this alternative can become a habit. Your health and attractiveness suffer as a result.
For these reasons, many homeowners and companies choose a greener, healthier choice. Many of them use whole-house water filter systems that usually come with routine free home water testing. These water filter systems provide pure water so you can eliminate drinking water from plastic bottles.

Myth #3: Only Excessive Sweating Causes Dehydration

People sweat a lot in Brisbane, especially on hot summer days. We may be exercising, working, or just at home. High heat and exercise lead to sweat, which may dehydrate us. However, we lose water in other ways besides sweating. By just inhaling, we “exhale” 400mL of water every day. This number can rise if we exercise or if the weather is scorching.
We lose water even on chilly days, even when the air conditioner is high or max settings. We need to keep hydrated, so never wait for thirst. You should still consume water to replenish your body’s fluids. Our bodies require water to operate correctly, even when we are just sitting at work.

Myth #4: Sports Drinks Better Than Water

Sports beverages are more effectively promoted than water, especially since we see athletes and celebrities with bottles of these beverages daily. We then believe that it is such beverages that drive their performance. As a result, many other athletes and fitness enthusiasts choose sports drinks over plain water as a substitute.
Sports drinks include electrolytes that replenish those lost during vigorous physical exercise. These beverages may also contain sugar to offer energy to the body. These beverages may be an excellent option, especially if you’ve been working out a lot (e.g. after marathons or playing basketball).
When they sweat a lot, though, some people rely exclusively on sports drinks. Drinking a sports drink is not always required, as our bodies can withstand heat and electrolyte loss. If you’re in good health, you simply need a glass of cool, pleasant water to replenish your fluids. You can obtain electrolytes through fruits, vegetables, and common foods.


The importance of clean and filtered drinking water cannot be overstated enough. Our homes should be equipped with proper water filter technology for our protection, going beyond the need for bottled water and sports drinks. Jila Water provides a cost-effective whole-house water system to ensure you wouldn’t have to worry about your basic filtered drinking water needs.
At Jila Water, we provide affordable whole-house water filter systems with free water tests in Brisbane. We pride ourselves on being the best home water filter systems company, providing pure water to many Brisbane and Australian homes and families. Call us now on 1300 30 10 37 or just jump on our website to find out more today at
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