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Debunking 6 of the Most Common Drinking Water Myths

Why Use a whole home water filter system

Debunking 6 of the Most Common Drinking Water Myths

Myth #1: Distilled Water Is Pure

Some may wonder, “how much water should I drink?” or “how many litres of water should you drink a day?”. But really, the more important question is, “Is the drinking water available in your home safe?”. How can you drink more water if the one readily available is unhealthy?

Let’s go back to the basics and break down the truth about your drinking water.

Water is the key to human survival. Humans can live for a month or two without food. But without water, a human’s lifespan dwindles to three days.

Since water is essential, different types of water and at-home water filtration systems have sprouted in the market. As the number of these products rises, the water myths also increase are some filtered water myths you probably believed at some point.

Myth #1: Distilled Water Is Pure

The Truth: Yes, distilled water is pure water. But it’s also water without any minerals.

Drinking water that is distilled has loads of benefits. Distilling involves boiling the water, which separates the water from the contaminants. The water vapour passes through a cooling coil, condensing into liquid form. This process occurs multiple times until most of the impurities are removed.

The science behind the distillation process is outstanding. But what it’s left with is only water, no minerals.

Myth #2: Bottled Water Is Cleaner, Healthier, and Safer Than Tap Water

The Truth: Bottled water companies proudly display their water’s purity, stating that they are free of chemicals, pesticides, viruses, and bacteria. But it has been proven that bottled water and tap water are comparable

The Department of Health monitors Australia’s tap water quality. On the other hand, the Australian Beverage Council oversees bottled water quality and distribution. Both agencies use a similar water quality standard. Therefore, you may not be better off with the cap than the tap.

Why Filtered Water is Better than bottled water
All Water Is Safe to Drink or is it?

Myth #3: Reverse Osmosis Water Is as Healthy as Distilled Water.

The Truth: Reverse osmosis is a type of water filtration process. It involves putting water through a semipermeable membrane that selectively stops large and small molecules. The bigger molecules stay on one side, while the smaller ones pass on to the other.

It has been proven to remove most contaminants from your drinking water, but the water loses essential minerals. However, the minerals can be added back to the water.

Myth #4: All Water Is Safe to Drink

The Truth: According to the World Health Organisation, most water sources are polluted. That is why the water that goes into people’s taps is treated and heavily regulated to ensure that it’s safe to drink.

Freshwater treatment, for example, is a four-step process. It involves water screening, the chemical removal of fine particles (flocculation), the mechanical removal of larger particles (filtration), and disinfection with chlorine. It’s important to note that tap water also goes through fluoridation to help improve Australians’ dental health. However, too much fluoride also has health consequences.

To ensure your drinking water is safe, your home needs to install water filters that effectively remove contaminants.

Myth #5: Pitcher Filters Remove the Fluoride from Tap Water.

The Truth: It’s possible to reduce fluoride in tap water significantly. However, you need to have the right filter for the job.

Some of the most prominent pitcher filters use activated carbon to absorb contaminants in the water. It can remove trace metals, chlorine, pesticides, and other organic compounds. But to remove fluoride, it must undergo a reverse osmosis system—something that pitcher filters don’t have.

Myth #6: Home Water Filter Systems Are Not Important.

The Truth: You can live without a water filter at home, but having a filter system can significantly improve your quality of life. Aside from its many health benefits, a water filter system can give you peace of mind knowing that you are drinking perfectly safe water.

Yes, you can use a pitcher filter to filter your water. But only a home filtration system can remove the fluoride from the water. Drinking out of a tap that supplies filtered water is more convenient.

There are many myths surrounding water types, treatments, and filtration systems. You should equip yourself with the proper knowledge to steer clear of misinformation. Drinking clean and safe water is essential to life, and knowing how to discern truth from fiction can help you do that.

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