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Jila Water is Better Than Tap, Why Filtering Your Drinking Water

Jila Water is Better Than Tap, Why Filtering Your Drinking Water

Jila Water is Better Than Tap, Why Filtering Your Drinking Water

Jila Water is Better Than Tap, Why Filtering Your Drinking Water
Drinking water is essential to living a good life! It may be plain, colourless, and tasteless, but water is as necessary as any nutrient. Getting enough water every day can increase your energy and relieve fatigue, help you think more clearly, keep an average body temperature, and more!
Water is undoubtedly a crucial part of life—no other supplement or new health fad can replace it. You’re responsible for drinking as much water as often and as much as you can for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. With proper hydration comes happiness and health!
However, although drinking water is crucial to one’s overall well-being, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t matter whatever kind of water you drink. When it comes to optimal hydration, you have to make sure that you’re not only drinking enough but also drinking the best water possible.

Is Your Water Good For You?

Water plays a vital role in flushing out toxins and carrying out many of the body’s chemical reactions. As an absolute necessity of life, drinking water gives the parts of your body their proper shape and fullness, such as your skin. However, when you drink the wrong type of water, it may do more harm to you than good!
Many people do most of everything with tap water, such as cooking, bathing, and washing clothes. There’s no problem using tap water for these tasks, but drinking it is a whole separate matter—you can’t be too sure of the chemicals or hazardous pollutants contained in it.
Water isn’t always clean, as it can contain dirt, chemicals, minerals, and other impurities that coils affect its taste and smell depending on where you source it from.
The contaminants, particularly microscopic organisms, and bacteria, in impure water can cause adverse effects on your health!

Filtering Clean, Quality Water

If you want to ensure that you’re drinking clean water, we recommend using a home water filter system! Yes, you have the choice of buying bottled water that’s already filtered, but why spend so much money and plastic waste on something you can easily do at home?
A whole-house filtration system removes unwanted impurities from water, such as hardness, odour, bacteria, sediment, and taste. As a result, you’ll have water that not only tastes good but is clean to drink!
Some of the benefits of filtering your water include:

Filtering Water Saves You Money

When you stop spending your finances stocking on expensive bottled water, you could save a substantial amount of money! Installing a home water filter system instead of buying a lifetime’s supply of bottled water is a much more affordable alternative to tap water.

Filtering Water Is Good For the Environment

A filtration system doesn’t just save you money—you get to help the environment at the same time! Even if you purchase recyclable bottled water, they still leave a carbon footprint, but filtering your water yourself significantly reduces the total waste you produce.

Filtering Water Improves Its Taste and Smell

Most chemicals in tap water can give an unpleasant taste and a metallic smell, which is less than pleasant to drink. By filtering your tap water, you can remove the chlorine, weird odours, and other chemicals for the best drinking water.


The water you’re drinking isn’t as clean and good for you as you think. Don’t let tap water prevent you from attaining optimal health! By installing a filtration at home, you can improve your water quality so that you and your family will have the best drinking experience every time!
Are you thinking of filtering your water at home? Then why not use one of the best whole house water filter systems in Australia?
Our Jila Water filter system removes chlorine and other chemical tastes, odours plus dirt, and sediments making water cleaner, clearer, and safer for your whole house. Request a free water test today!
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