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5 Reasons You Should Switch to Filtered Water in Your Cooking

5 Reasons You Should Switch to Filtered Water in Your Cooking

5 Reasons You Should Switch to Filtered Water in Your Cooking

5 Reasons You Should Switch to Filtered Water in Your Cooking
Using straight tap water in Brisbane for drinking and cooking is always a figure of uproar in various communities.
While some say it’s okay for hydration, others counter it by saying it’s a dangerous way to refresh.
Over the years, water companies have improved tap water by removing contaminants that may cause it to go wrong. However, leaks and spills in the pipelines are still a significant concern for most people. On top of that, the taste and smell of chlorine are off-putting for some.
If you want to stay healthy without going dry, buying filtered water should be at top of your priorities on the shopping list. But aside from its health benefits, what does filtered water have to offer? Why should you switch to filtered water in cooking?

1. Meals Taste Better

Filtered water goes a long way towards improving the taste of everything—from cooking to beverages. As the water goes through multiple filtration steps, the process removes the unpleasant taste in tap water. The filtered water will taste nothing like metallic chlorine as the process releases its authentic taste.
Using filtered water when cooking adds the fresh flavor of clean water to every meal you’re cooking. If your cooking tasted good before, it should taste best after switching.

2. Meals Look Better

Aside from food tasting better, filtered water can add that refreshing glow to meals. It produces more visually appealing meals which all family members can enjoy.
Chlorine in tap water causes the colours in meat and vegetables to diminish, bleaching the food before you can eat it. Your meals can look more appetizing if you use water from which the chlorine has been removed.

3. Bread Rises Better

For people who bake instead of cook, filtered water also offers benefits. If you’re a keen bread baker, it’s time to take your baking skills to the next level by using filtered water. The effect of filtered water in baking is that it makes the dough rise higher and faster.
Chlorine, once again, along with other impurities, affects how yeast rises the dough. They can lead to distorted gluten structures and half-risen loaves, especially in sourdough. However, the issue was found to have a simple solution using filtered water. Most restaurants insist on using filtered water in all yeast recipes.

4. It’s a Healthy Source

While it’s great to understand the benefits we get from filtered water in cooking, it’s also notable to state what drinking filtered water does to our bodies directly. Not all additions to tap water are bad. Drinking it still provides benefits like vitamins and minerals which we need for our health.
Water treatments can diminish these benefits. The chemicals in water treatment can break down these vitamins and minerals until there is nothing left for our body to absorb. Meanwhile, filtering water does not include the use of harsh chemicals, which allows vitamins and minerals to remain.

5. Say Goodbye to Unhealthy Cooking

If your goal is to produce healthier meals, filtered water is the first step in achieving that goal. Filtered water provides vitamins and minerals that our bodies need without the harsh chemicals used to treat tap water. Try it out and notice the difference after a few weeks.


Switching to filtered water is not expensive. There are many filtration systems for people to use in their own homes. There is no need to get refills constantly as all you need is a whole house water filtering system that does all the work for you. Say goodbye to unhealthy living and hello to clean, safe drinking water.
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