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Facts About Filtered Water You Should Be Aware Of

Facts About Filtered Water You Should Be Aware Of

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To say that we need water is an understatement. Everything that has life depends on water. Just think about what you feel after a hot day, and you see a pitcher filled with cold water. You know you need it to replenish your body. 

Water is indeed the biological medium on the planet, but now, because of the pollution, even water gets contaminated, and at times it even becomes unsafe to drink. For that reason, it is essential for your family’s health and safety that you ensure that you are drinking filtered water at all times. 

In this post, Jila Water shares some interesting facts on filtered water that you might not know about:

What You Can Find in Filtered Water Is as Important as What’s Removed From It

No one can deny that your tap water contains a plethora of “nasties” that you simply don’t want anyone in the family to ingest. That said, tap water also has calcium, fluoride, magnesium, and sodium – all of which are necessary for your health. So, even if your water filtration can effectively remove those germs and other contaminants, it’s as crucial that the water filter still allows the good stuff to remain in your water. 

Filtered Water Actually Tastes Better Than Tap Water

That weird taste in your tap water is due to the presence of chlorine. Many do not know that it is chlorine that plays a significant role in ensuring that the water supply is clean. However, it’s also not good for your health – it also tastes awful! The best home water filter systems can effectively remove chlorine, so your drinking water tastes a whole lot better. 

It’s Good for the Environment

Are you still drinking bottled water? Can you imagine how many plastic bottles your family uses up in a year? That’s a huge contribution to the landfills and even the waterways that potentially harm precious marine life. 

When you choose to use a water filter and swap your disposable plastic bottles for reusable ones, you are helping the environment recover from the damage that humans also caused. 

They’re Good for Your Plants, Too

You might not know it, but filtered water is not only good for drinking. Your plants can benefit from it, too. If you notice a thin, whitish crust on the soil’s surface, it may be caused by the harmful salts and minerals in your tap water. It could be the chlorine that is keeping your plants from growing properly. You can use filtered water to help your plants grow healthier. 

Filtered Water and Purified Water Are Two Different Things

Many people use the terms’ filtered water’ and ‘purified water’ interchangeably when they are, in fact, different. Purified water is stripped of all the salts and minerals found in water, including the good stuff that the body needs. 

On the other hand, filtered water only removes harmful impurities and keeps all the stuff that is essential to your health. 


These are just some of the things that you might not know about filtered water. As you can see, there are indeed benefits to using home water filters. Not only will it remove contaminants from your water and improve its taste, but it will also ensure that the minerals you need from your drinking water remain. On top of that, it can help improve your plants’ health and ensure that you’re doing your part in helping the environment. 

If you are considering getting home water filters in Brisbane for you and your family, Jila Water offers you a cost-effective solution. As an industry leader in home water filtration, Jila Water can ensure that your family has access to clean water that’s good for your health!

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